This interactive map of Upper Green River Basin Greater Sage-grouse, pronghorn, mule deer and moose year-round ranges will show you how and where vital wildlife habitats intersect with current and proposed oil and gas development.  Created by the Upper Green River Alliance, the map has multiple layers that can be toggled on and off to show areas of interest. Check it out here.

Click on the green button at the bottom of the map to open the layer list.  The map opens with Greater sage-grouse core areas and Winter Concentration Areas, plus Wyoming’s proposed core area revisions.
Other layers show Sublette pronghorn GPS collar locations gleaned from 22 years of scientific research: these are movement corridors between seasonal ranges. The purple layer outlines pronghorn Crucial Winter Range: habitat that provides forage especially during the worst winters.  The Normally Pressured Lance natural gas field is outlined in yellow.  
Additional layers include the Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor that connects habitats from the Red Desert to the Hoback River drainage and beyond. 
Notice how and where wildlife habitats overlap with approved and proposed Bureau of Land Management & Wyoming Office of State Lands oil and gas leases and well sites. 
An eye-opening layer shows existing, SW Wyoming natural gas wells; compare this layer with the layer showing un-used leases that have not been developed but are currently available for production.