Join the Upper Green River Alliance and our colleagues at “Advocates for the West” for their monthly “Voices for the West” webinar entitled “Wildlife Migration: Paths Worth Protecting.”  We are hosted by “Advocates for the West” communications director Will Shoemaker and attorney Sarah Stellberg, explaining our petition to the BLM advocating protection for the Path of the Pronghorn.

Our presentation discusses and illustrates the history, politics, media attention, and core issues affecting the Path of the Pronghorn.  We also showcase our new, online, interactive map available here.  

With our new, interactive map, you can take a guided, virtual journey along the Path of the Pronghorn in western Wyoming, from the Upper Green River basin to Grand Teton National Park. Based on 25 years of scientific data collected by the Wyoming Game & Fish Dept., the Bureau of Land Management, and professional wildlife biologists, clickable layers include pronghorn crucial winter range where pronghorn can find food and shelter in the harshest of winters. Additional layers show the newest natural gas field, the Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) with 3,500 approved wells; and State of Wyoming and Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leases issued by year, from 2017-2023.  A final layer shows all existing oil and gas leases in the basin.

Layers clearly illustrate the intersection of landscape-scale oil and gas development with wildlife habitats most crucial for the Sublette and Grand Teton pronghorn herds.

We hope you will share this program with your friends, family, and whomever you think might appreciate our work.